I love when my boo @iambettywho jumps on stage with me!! Gonna miss this 😔

Had a rough day back in SLC… Photo by @zcassar

This is what we refer to as “grundling.” Picking up someone by their “crotchal region.” if you notice. My feet are fully off the ground. Thomas of @cardiknox perfecting the grundle on me. Thanks for laughing at me @iambettywho photo by @zcassar

I think this is the moment that I got @iambettywho sick . Sorry gurrrrrlllll 😢

Allll the gang is here @cardinox @iambettywho

Deeeeetroit!!! Seeee you tonight!

Another one from last night by @zcassar #lincolnhall #chicago

Holy shit! Chicago you guys were amazing! Seriously incredible. Had so much fun with @cardiknox and @iambettywho 🎅🎅🎅 photo cred @cardiknox

Toooooooonnnnnighhhhht!!! #SOLDOUT #chicago can’t wait!!

@iambettywho gives me mega chills every single night with this one.