Deeeeetroit!!! Seeee you tonight!

Another one from last night by @zcassar #lincolnhall #chicago

Holy shit! Chicago you guys were amazing! Seriously incredible. Had so much fun with @cardiknox and @iambettywho 🎅🎅🎅 photo cred @cardiknox

Toooooooonnnnnighhhhht!!! #SOLDOUT #chicago can’t wait!!

@iambettywho gives me mega chills every single night with this one.

A little late for #nationalsiblingsday but these are two of my sibs with Instagram! Love you guys @nikolacaravana @jnoble1010

Well…. We had to take a little detour. Almost lost a tire on the freeway. Thank god for #walmart #merica

Des Moines Iowa!! See you tonight!!

😐 It’s 5am. And we in Nebraska y’all . #walkingdead #goats #roadsodas @soko_loco

Thhhank youuuu Denver!! You guys were great. well be seeing you soon! Sorry we had to cut out so soon. I’m just sick as all hell and we have a verrrrry long drive to Iowa!