#pony video y’all!! Up on YouTube right meow! Thank you to @lpdavidlee for organizing and choreographing this. Thank you also to @lawbdevera @paulrossssss @biancavallar @chanellewang @jasminimumwage you guys are incredible 🔥💥. Of course thank you @zcassar @jbamn for being with me on it!

My new view 👌

In the studio with amazing producer @coucheron #APG #Atlantic

Well that was fun!!! Thanks #steventyler …. Still can’t believe this mans voice.

Well this is the act ill be following tonight. Yup. Steven Tyler. #FML #hesfuckingamazing #likeseriously #whatdoido #steventyler ….

Oh yeah we’re playing with #steventylertonight at #HOB Anaheim! Crayweirdrandocray

Had a an amazing time playing and hanging with great people @pandoraradio 😬😬😬😬

I came across this live footage of Ramstein and I can’t stop watching. Seriously fucking amazing

Wanna wish a very happy bday to my best friend, collaborator, partner in crime and all around ride or die bish. I’m So lucky to call someone so insanely talented, funny, and downright sexy my friend. Happy day @jbamn . Luh you booboo

Soooo freeeeeaking excited to be a part of this incredible line up! Can’t wait for October 3rd!!!